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$50/h ($25/30min - $37.50/45min)

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$50 per student / $25 per additional student in the same family


About Mrs. Alford

Welcome to Mrs. Alford's Schoolhouse, a dedicated and nurturing educational environment located in the heart of DeLand, Florida.


Founded by Kathleen Alford, a passionate educator with years of experience in teaching and tutoring, our mission is to help students of all ages and abilities unlock their full potential. We believe that every student can succeed with the right guidance and support, and we are committed to providing personalized learning experiences tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals.

At Mrs. Alford's Schoolhouse, we understand the importance of a strong educational foundation, which is why we focus on building essential skills and fostering a love for learning. Our experienced and qualified instructors use innovative teaching methods and the latest educational tools to create a supportive and engaging learning environment.

Kathy in garden
"Mrs. Alford helped me to learn to read when I was in second grade. She helped me learn to work with my full-field vision and made it easier for me to learn. It used to be so hard to learn! Now that I’m in middle school, she helps me with math, social studies, English, and science. She’s really fun, and sometimes she makes popcorn."

-Ulysses S.

Tutoring Room Entrance


for Dyslexia focused educational tools.

Inspiring Learning Environment

Discover the inviting atmosphere of Mrs. Alford's Schoolhouse, your destination for quality tutoring in DeLand. Our well-organized classroom sparks creativity and nurtures educational growth. Take a virtual tour to experience our abundant resources, all designed to enrich every student's learning journey.

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